An opinion, the power of money over the internet

  • Google and social media and cross-linking and tracker sites together make for an advertizing industry whose power is unprecedented in the history of the Internet, the amounts of money that is made this way can only be guessed at.

    This is the reason why the WWW is almost solely driven by money.
    There are hardly any websites to be found that NOT use google-analytics, almost all seemingly-free services are paid by advertizing, the price everybody pays however is your privacy.
    Facebook, Twitter and so on, are paid by this advertizing network.

    The numerous ways Google ‘knows’ more about me than I know about myself, where I am, what I buy, how I behave, what my characteristics are, it is all recorded and archived in a relative database that staggers the imagination.
    In some 20 years time, Google became rich enough to realize Google Earth, Streetview and much more.

    Google and affiliates, are Big Brother. The interest of this industry lies in me and everybody NOT having any privacy, the money is made by ultimately the above mentioned advertizing scheme.

    This is a reason why I like the open source community and opensource software. They are one of the last bastions against the power of money.

    This is reason why I feel this Notepad++ community should NOT use the Google ways, it should not be possible to login using Discuss or Google+, there should be no Twitter or Facebook links, all this is part of the advertizing industry.

    I feel the opensource community must be aware it needs to protect itself from the all-seeing eyes and ears of Google.

    Please tell me what you think.

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