Add close button near file names in left document selector

  • Hello, would it be possible to add a close button (‘X’) near open documents when using the left side document list view? (see image)

  • How would this work?

    If you have to click to make it active and then hit the x button, thats 2 clicks, and you can already close files in the document selector in 2 clicks (right click then close) or make active and hit the x on the right corner or make active and hit ctrl w.

    If you can just click the x button to close it, I dont like this because its filling the left side of the windows with buttons to close files which you can easily click by accident and close stuff that you dont want to close.

    It also adds extra clutter to the screen.

    I would be more in favour of a way to sort the files in the document selector so you can drag the ones that you want to close down to the bottom of the list and then close them all at once by holding the shift key.

  • Hello, thanks for answering.
    The close button would work in the same way it works on tabs, the only difference is that in my case “tabs” are piled on the left side.
    For tabs there is an option to hide/show the close button, I always kept it enabled when working with tabs and I never closed one by mistake instead of selecting it.
    So I was thinking about the same option for the vertical document view, if one likes a clean view he can keep this feature disabled.
    For me it would be very useful to have a quick 1-click close button as I have in tabs.

  • If it require less effort, it would be enough to have tab names written in horizontal when selecting “Vertical” layout under “General -> Tab bar” :-)

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