Closed file getting opened again and again

  • I had opened “change.log” file of npp in npp itself.

    I had closed that file then.

    But, last 10 days, whenever I open npp, that file is duly opened again, along with other files which I need to work.

    Why is it opening again and again automatically, even when I close it each time?

    Hoe to prevent it from opening. (might be some backup setting.)



  • Delete the file and see what happens.

    My notepad++ reopens files I left open when I close it unless the file is removed.

  • There are several reports of this on the forum. You have to unpin the Notepad++ shortcut, open it up normally, then repin it. This is due to pinning it the very first time you run it because it gets ran with a param line argument to open the change.log file.

  • yes, unpinning the icon from task bar, reopening, and pinning again, solved the problem.

    Thanks :-)

  • unfastening the symbol from errand bar, reviving, and sticking once more, tackled the issue.

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