Should lines be duplicated when using "Find All in Current Document"?

  • I use “Find All in Current Document” quite a bit. I’ve noticed that when the text I’m searching for appears in the same line multiple times that the line gets added to the Find result window once for each occurrence. It’s been a minor annoyance for me and was curious if others had experienced the same.

    I think a better design would have been to print the line once and just highlight the matches. It puts more information in less space and seems less confusing. The current design which prints the same line multiple times almost always “throws me” for a second. I try to figure out why the line appears in the file multiple times before I realize it’s just the same line with multiple matches. Is this just me or does this happen to anyone else?

  • “Expected” behaviour since a long time.

    One part of the code for the visual representation is here in a n++ specific scintilla lexer:

    and the search itsself is done in somewhere in the n++ code itself and then transfered to the search result window. In this protocol as far as I remember there is just one marker start/end per line.

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