[BUG] Unable to Clear or Remove shortcuts for Scintilla commands

  • There is a bug with the keyboard shortcut mapper. When switching to the Scintilla Commands tab, I can no longer click the Clear button to remove a shortcut. When editing it, the Remove button for specific combinations is also gracefully disabled.

    Please fix this so we don’t have to create fake shortcut keys for unused commands, thanks.

    PS. I am using Npp 7.3.3 x86.

  • @Andrés-Zsögön

    In the Shortcut Mapper, highlight what you want to remove the assignment from.
    Press Modify.
    In the dropdown box the top entry is “None”; choose that.
    Press Apply
    Press OK

    Kinda clunky but it works (not saying the aren’t bugs at play here, just providing a workaround).

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