Next update, maybe I am doing it wrong

  • Hey all, wondering when the next update will be. I am trying to put Notepad++ back on our apps catalog BUT right now after the install it asks to update the plugin manager which creates help desk ticket because people freak out if any dialog pops up. So guess the next Notepad++ installer will include the updated plugin manager?

  • @Tom-H

    why not creating a model installations and repack your settings for installation to the users?
    Using MSI or 7zip (any other zip) etc… !??


  • @Tom-H

    You have to put (or update) the file PluginManager.ini in the folder C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins\Config.
    It must contain the line NotifyUpdates=0 in the [Settings] section
    for all users profiles of course…

  • Thank you for the ideas, but ideally I would like to not have extra steps. Updating the .ini could be an idea if I make it run a xcopy of a preconfigured config file as part of the notepad++ install. As for the make a model installation, I’m not sure I have ever done that or know how lol. Is there really zero info on Notepad++ side on whether or not the next installer will just include the updated plug-in manager? To me it seems like a bad update if after you install you must update another component of the program that you just “updated” should the .exe not include all components?

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