!! Notepad++ converted on UWP to publish on Microsoft Store! (agreement request) !!

  • Hi! I’m Francesco Venuti, I started a team of Windows lovers and developers without any scope of make money. We aimed of the scope to improve our OS… Now Microsoft also engaged the mobile challenge, seems that they would change the concept of mobile computing…so not simply a smartphone, but real desktop experience that could run on ARM devices like tablets and smartphones (connected with a monitor).
    Unfortunately for run win32 software on ARM, the software must be converted in UniversalWindowsPlatform app(but after conversion, software could run also on regular Windows 10 editions!..), if this could be a problem, you must consider the opportunities like: a larger user base that can give you feedback, know your work and start developing your software. Furthermore distributing your software on Microsoft Store, allowing direct update of your software to all users (or selected groups) and run the software into a kind of sandbox that don’t compromise the OS if there are problems.
    We tried the online tool made by Microsoft for convert win32 software to UWP app, so we convert Notepad++, if you would use our work to start your experience on Microsoft Store we are pleased to give you all materials and information. For us is important start Windows on Arm with a large amount of open source apps available for every one.
    Anyway if you don’t want publish on Microsoft Store we hope you are glad if we publish our converted Notepad++ app on the store…
    Do you think that this opportunity is a good choose for you?
    Scuse me for poor English…😉

  • Is microsoft intending to lock down windows on arm to the windows store too like windows 10s? Otherwise why wouldnt we just install the normal notepad++ windows program on windows on arm?

    Also it will be interesting to see how well your employer pulls off windows on arm in terms of performance and battery use.

  • I would also like to see Notepad++ as an UWP app. Just to get it into the store and have it automatically update :)

  • I too would like to see a UWP app for use on both desktop and mobile. All with great integration with OneDrive. I have been hoping for this since WP7 being able to update code on the fly would be fantastic.

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