A way to terminate long searches

  • Currently there seems to be no way to terminate a long search other than either terminate the whole of Notepad++, or to just wait till it finishes. This means that if you have by mistake entered a Find in Files that will take forever to complete, there is nothing sensible you can do. If you terminate the whole of Notepad++, you may lose some unsaved changes.

    It would be much better if you could press Esc, or click a Cancel button, or similar, to terminate the current search so you could then correct the search criteria.

    Can this be added to the To Do list, please?

    Thanks - Rowan

  • @Rowan-Sylvester-Bradley

    I’m confused – If I do a Find-in-Files regex search for . on a big folder tree I get a box with status and a big fat CANCEL button. And, unlike some other programs with a similar cancel button, this one actually seems to work.

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