[Feature] Smart CUT & COPY current line when there is no selection

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 includes a surprisingly useful feature which, incredibly, Notepad++ is still lacking. They’ve simply created a checkbox called Apply Cut or Copy commands to current line when there is no selection, and this is just brilliant, specially when coming from Microsoft.

    When you are in the middle of whatever, without any text selected, press Ctrl+X and the entire line will be cut to clipboard. Then just press Ctrl+V anywhere, and the line is magically pasted in the current line.

    I’m sure they’ve stolen the idea from someone else, so I guess the Notepad++ developers can still add it now without ay embarassment. It is a great feature and saves A LOT of time for those who spend long hours in Notepad++.

    I understand that (as usual?) cool features are not present by default in Notepad++ (the fact that I have to install a plugin to customize the toolbar speaks for itself) so I understand if there is a plugin for this, I will install it despite I hate relying on external libraries for basic functionality.

  • @Andrés-Zsögön

    You won’t like this answer but some good information is found here concerning this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/619754/how-to-mimic-visual-studios-ctrl-x-ctrl-v-functionality-in-notepad

    Behavior that is implemented via plugin rarely seems to ever “go native” after the plugin exists; this just seems to be a basic fact-of-life for Notepad++. Again, I’m sure you don’t like that.

  • Thanks, I’ve installed this plugin: https://bitbucket.org/zastrowm/notepad-visualstudiolinecopy which works just perfect.

    I strongly urge the developers to implement this as a small checkbox somewhere in the settings dialog. I’m sure they could reuse the plugin providing the proper acknowledgements with consent from the plugin author, if they are too busy to write a new one.

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