[Feature] Enhance Auto-Update. Periodic Update - Silent Install

  • The challenge is I use NP++ on a number of systems. Some are not accessed all the frequently so when I RDP in to them and launch NP++ I’m notified there is an update, which is great. However it means I either do what I was setting out to do, then remember to come back and update it to current after, or I postpone what I was about to do while I update.

    I think it would be a nice option to have a separate update service (configurable) that could check in for updates on a configurable interval, and silently upgrade (also configurable). I’m not real keen a billion update services, many I shut off, but if it’s light-weight, only phones home at an interval I’ve specified etc. Then I think it would be a great benefit. It’s more for the remote systems I access infrequently, not so much for my daily driver. Also an update history menu in the NP++ interface, rather than a separate system-tray icon would be a nice option.

    Perhaps an option to have it phone home to a local file-share vs. out over the internet as well. I don’t have an issue either way, but for some that might not want services that reach out to the internet for anything, give them the option to specify a network path where installation files could be grabbed and silently installed if found to be a newer version.

    I’m aware I can accomplish some of this with wsus or other update mechanisms not specific to the app, but that has some caveats.


  • Nowadays, it’s a common practice to auto-check for updates on startup, and prompt the user to visit the website to manually download and install the newer version, if any. A silent auto-updater would not be a good idea here because the Npp website would receive much less visitors, and the developers surely don’t want that.

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