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  • Hi,
    I’ve recently installed Notepad++ and needed it edit the source code of a .docx Word Document file to change the internal ‘strings’ of text whilst maintaining the original outward appearance of the document. In order to do this do I need to convert the .docx to a .zip and then locate the ‘document.xtml’ folder or can I just put in the actual .docx to change the source code?

    Thanks in advance if you can help - this is kind of an obscure question.

  • @Amelia-Trisco

    npp isn’t the right tool to do that.
    LibreOffice or OpenOffice can handle .docx files very well.


  • @Amelia-Trisco
    After reading your question I googled a bit and found out that docx is indeed a zip file.
    While I agree with @Claudia-Frank that Notepad++ is not the ideal tool for them, if for some reason you want to use it then you will need to:

    • Unzip the docx file into some directory.
    • Edit the XML files that were extracted.
    • Rezip the files into docx and hope that everything is still consistent.

  • @Amelia-Trisco

    If you want to interactively edit some string values, I think you should consider to use an XML Editor, e.g. XML Notepad. See: Comparison of XML editors

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