Request: Run file access in background thread to avoid unresponsive GUI

  • For users that use Notepad++ in an environment where many files are accessed remotely on some server (e.g. a dynamic view in ClearCase), it can be very inconvenient to have Notepad++ freeze every time it tries to access the currently opened files (maybe just to check if anything has changed to see if a file needs to be reloaded) if the particular file system is very slow or is experiencing a little hick-up for a minute or two.

    If these checks were run in a background thread instead of the same thread that runs the GUI, at least Notepad++ wouldn’t totally freeze every time that happpens and you could still continue to work on files that are located in a fast file system. File tabs that have an incomplete file access in progress could be locked for editing and marked as “pending” (or something like that) until the file access is completed.

    I realize that this asynchronicity would introduce additional complexity into the Notepad++ code base, but it would be a really nice improvement. >8^)

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