Comparing two documents side by side

  • Can I using Notepad++ to compare two documents side by side, or two copies of the same document (different sections of), so I can copy lines from one side to the other? I can’t see a way to get two windows side by side. Of course, even nicer would be to have the comparison take place automatically, highlighting the sections that are different between the documents. I am trying to merge two sections of a document which were originally copies of the same code, but to which a lot of changes have since been made, resulting in the two sections having a lot of differences.

    Thanks - Rowan

  • There is a Compare plugin that should work for you

  • Compare plugin is also available from the PluginManager within 32bit N++ for user friendly installation. Additionally you could create a second view of a document if you right click on the corresponding tab and select move of copy it to a second view.

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