Tab bar flashes when dragging tabs

  • That wasn’t my issue exactly, but I imagine that fixing the issue mentioned by @Jozsef-Szasz-Fabian might also fix my issue.

  • @shravan2x Try out a v7.4.1 build with PR#3328 and tell me whether it helps. They are available on GitHub’s AppVeyor (x86, x64). If it’s a different issue, then you should provide a screen capture. I don’t see any visual flashing when moving tabs.

  • 7.4.1 did not fix my issue. Here is a GIF to demonstrate the problem:


    Clicking the new tab causes the entire bar to disappear for 2 seconds or so.

  • @shravan2x Your mouse is not moving. What hotkey are you using to move tabs? Does it flash when you enable Settings->General->Lock (no drag and drop)? Also how much content is inside the tabs?

  • @shravan2x I wonder if I/O might be an issue. Try with Settings->MISC.->File Status Auto-Detection->“Enable” unchecked.

  • @AngryGamer Yeah, my mouse isn’t moving, in the GIF, the only action I perform is mousedown (no mouseup). It disappears for 2s and then reappears while my mouse is still pressed. I am not using any hotkey to move tabs.

    Using the “Settings->General->Lock (no drag and drop)” fixes the issue, but is not a solution since I need to move tabs.

    “Also how much content is inside the tabs?”
    Not much, less than a hundred characters usually, and my computer is sufficiently powerful to handle even large files. Also, this happens for all inactive tabs, not just one or two specific ones. It only doesn’t happen for the currently selected tab.

    Unchecking “Settings->MISC.->File Status Auto-Detection->“Enable”” does not have any effect. Further, regular clicking on the tab (not a continuous mousedown) works fine with only a momentary flash. The flash is extended the longer mousedown is maintained.

    I use an SSD with 32G of RAM, plenty free. I would not expect any IO issues regular users don’t experience.

  • @shravan2x Try Settings->General->Multi-line->Enabled and open two rows of tabs (can reduce window width until it’s two rows of tabs). Does the flickering happen when you click a tab now? Also did the flickering happen in earlier versions (if not, what was the latest version?)

  • @AngryGamer I tried what you said; the flickering does not occur when multiple rows of tabs are present.

    This has not always been an issue. I’m not sure of the exact version, but this only came around in the last few months. Most likely after January.

  • @shravan2x Try out PR#3367. The test builds are on AppVeyer (x86, x64). Only replace your binary, don’t touch your SciLexer file.

  • @AngryGamer I can confirm that your patch fixes the issue. Thank you so much!

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