1200 sec.

  • Error
    As a new user, you can only post once every 1200 second(s) until you have earned 2 reputation - please wait before posting again

    • I’m not a new user
    • I have no idea what is a reputation, how to earn one and - the most important - why to earn reputations. I have 1000 other things to focus on, rather than earn reputations on a feedback forum.
    • I’m replying, not posting a new topic…

    Those are pure numbers and do filter out several spam attacks. Beside annoy the real forum users. A better algorithm for spam detection would be good…

  • you usually get reputation by someone Rep-ing a post you make. Read your own quote it does say “post” and not “new topic” then you come to complain and have to wait another 1200 seconds. good use of a post lol. Not being a D but total first world problem man, you sound like a little kid not getting his way lol. Have a good one.

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