Request: prompt before closing file with undo info

  • I have been using NPP for ages and think it is great.

    One nicety is if you close an unsaved empty file NPP does not ask if you want to save, but it just burned me where I deleted everything and then accidentally closed the file. Maybe if there is anything in the undo buffer it might prompt. (It would still not prompt if you just open a file, do some stuff, undo it all and close.)

    Also, I just remembered another thing… I really like the find in files option but the browse (…) button next to the directory name brings up the pathetic Windows “Browse for Folder” dialog. This has many, many problems which I have been railing against for about 2 decades (see CDirDialog which I wrote in 1997). To see this better “browse for folder” dialog open HexEdit (see HexEdit) then go to Options/Workspace/Templates and click on the “Change Templates Folder” button.

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