N++ loses touch with open files if network goes down

  • I find it a nuisance that if the network connection between my PC and my file server stops working (which it periodically does), N++ asks me for every single file that is open “The file <filepath> doesn’t exist any more. Keep this file in editor? Yes|No”.
    It does this whether I have changed the file or not, so I have no idea what data I am losing if I click Yes, or how many redundant file copies I am making if I select No.
    Why can’t N++ re-establish connection with the file server once the network is restored (assuming of course that the original files are still there in the same place), and avoid this? And/or why can’t it remember which files have been changed, and only prompt me to save the ones that have been changed?

    Thanks - Rowan

  • Consider modifying:
    Preferences -> MISC -> File Status Auto-Detection
    Clear Enable checkbox.

    Notepad++ is not really aware of network. It just work with file paths.
    When the file at its path is modified or no longer valid Notepad++ reacts - if you choose so.
    Many users/developers manipulate the same set of files with multiple applications so this is convenient to allow Notepad++ to accept external modifications and keep files in synch. But others can choose to turn it off.

    In fact other users complained about a much more annoying problem: Notepad++ tend to hang when Network connections are flaky.

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