Feature requests: always write-to-disk, configurable go-to-line position

  • A couple things that reduce some frequently occurring annoyances:

    1. Option to always write-to-disk on save when on File > Save (CTRL+S) without determining whether file has changed

    It’s quite annoying at times, how NP++ will “figure out” for you whether a file has changed and not actually re-write to disk when running a save op. This has caused some hair-pulling moments for me when I’m trying to figure out, for example, why my web project isn’t functioning or displaying as I expect, because NP++ didn’t actually write to disk before I pushed it to the server.

    2. Configurable vertical cursor position for jump-to-line

    It’s very jarring for the cursor to suddenly jump to the bottom of the screen. Can we have a configurable option for the cursor to to be placed X lines from the top of the entered go-to-line position when possible?

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