Bug with inside border

  • This issue started from v7.3.3. To reproduce the it:

    1. Download, extract, open and don’t maximize the window.
    2. Menu-bar > settings > preferences >
      in General tab, check “Multi-line” and uncheck “Reduce”,
      in Editing tab, reduce border width to 0.
    3. Now open 6 different files.
    4. Close and re-open Notepad++, there will be border. Select a different tab and the border goes away which is how it should be.

    My OS: Windows 8.1 Core 64-bit

    That’s where my eye goes every time I open Notepad++. So, I went back to v7.3.2.

  • I am adding 2 images to show what it looks like:
    What it should looks like

  • It’s still not fixed in latest version 7.5.1

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