Force closing file without update

  • If I open file, that continuously gets updated by another service, I cannot close it. Notepad++ asks to update and that goes on and on. Even if I kill task, it reopens files and doesnt allow me to close that file, cannot switch to other files, becomes useless until other service stops.

  • Can’t you just say “No” when it says “This file has been modified by another program. Do you want to reload it?” and then close it?

    Maybe you’re experiencing something I haven’t because of the rapid updates being performed on the file, but I’ve never had a problem like what you’re describing.

    Also, if you’re monitoring a file you may want to check out View->Monitoring (tail -f) in the menu bar. It just updates the file in NPP and doesn’t ask if you want to update it.

  • I click “No” and when i try to close it - it prompts again.

  • @Nikita-Sourine

    Exactly what one would expect if an external entity is “continuously” updating the file. In fact, the same thing should happen if you also click “Yes”!

    Once you have the service stopped, try looking into Settings->Preferences->Misc. If you uncheck Enable in the File Status Auto-Detection box, that might fix your issue (not entirely sure, plus I use an older program version and your UI may not match mine).

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