Why does the "search backwards" feature was removed ???

  • I have to use it a lot, everyday, and can’t see any point in removing it. Not having this feature anymore had a big effect in my productivity. Sure, I could go back to a previous version, but that’s another productivity killer: I use so many tools that having to keep track of which is version is the good one to use is something I don’t want to have to do.
    Is there a way to tell this to the developers ? ( I’m new to this forum ).

  • Searching backwards hasn’t been removed. It’s likely you have the “Regular expression” option selected in the search mode. I don’t think that has ever been able to search backwards. But “Normal” and “Extended” modes still allow you to choose the direction.

  • I also felt that last update was quite confusing.

    Here’s a screenshot-based explanation. Sorry for the French version, what matters is the position of the buttons in the Control-F menu, okay :)


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