w8, find/replace window is hidden below windows task bar

    1. on w8, the find/ replace window that opens, its lower few lines are hidden below the windows task bar.
      (of course, depending on my npp window placement which is right-half & lower half)

    it creates difficulty that we have to move it up every time, otherwise we can’t see status bar giving information about “how many replacement, next occurrence found or not” etc.

    All menus open covering the windows task bar, so that is good.

    I think in w10, f/r window was opening well above windows task bar.

    1. as such, on a fresh start, it always opens f/r window at its default location, forgetting where we had moved that last time.

    Why doesn’t it remember the last location where we had moved f/r window in previous run, and opens f/r window at that location only

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