Have "\r" in translation XML files been fixed?

  • Can anyone tell me if the problem with “\r” in the translation XML files have been fixed?
    Strings containing “\r” would show up as “\r” in the dialogs instead of newline.

  • Why do you think it’s a problem? You are not inside C++. You have two options: 1) Use new lines as is (just make sure you don’t add spaces that’s used for xml indentation - they will also be included in text)) 2) Use 
    <Item id=“1635” name=“First Line&#xD;&#xA;Second Line”/>

  • Because i think the intent is to show a new line not \r in the dialog.
    I think it will be best to write it the correct way in the source language/english so that all translators can see the correct way to do it.

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