Hex sequence bug?

  • Hi guys,
    I need to substitute the last 4 chars of several lines of text with an hexadecimal sequence starting from 000D.
    So I select (alt+selection) the last 4 chars of every line, I press alt+c for the column editor, but when I’ going to insert the initial number it tells me that it accepts only numbers.

    here’s the error

  • @Alessio-Spleen-Castello

    yes, use the decimal representation in initial number, as you know, a=10.


  • Hello, @alessio-spleen-castello,

    Ah, yes ! You need to type in the initial number, in a decimal form, although counting will be, correctly, generated, with hexadecimal numbers !

    For instance, if your numbers sequence have to begin with the hex number 1CE, you must write the decimal form of 1CE, that is to say the number 462, as the Initial number field of the Column / Multi selection Editor

    Then, choose the Hex format and, possibly, check , or not, the Leading zeros option and click on the OK button !



    P.S. : Hexadecimal number 1CE = 1 * 16^2 + 12 * 16^1 + 14 * 16^0 = 256 + 192 + 14 = 462

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