Be sure to mark posts solved when solution found.

  • Hello Forum!

    This program keeps getting better. I upgraded to v7.4.2 the other day. Nice additions to an already great program.

    The programmers get an A++ :) for their efforts.

    When you find a solution to your question be sure to mark the question “solved.” The drop down arrow at the Submit button has the solved option.

    edit: Topic Tools - not Submit button

  • @Pete-Norris

    edit: Topic Tools - not Submit button

    I have seen the “UNSOLVED” and “SOLVED” boxes around this website, but I am baffled as to how they are created. Your posting about it does nothing to clear up the mystery for me. What is “Topic Tools”? I don’t see anything like that. Maybe post a screenshot for me so I understand? Maybe others are mystified as well?

  • If you did not create the thread, there will be no “Topic Tools” menu. If you did create the thread/topic, when you look at the line between the first post and any replies, or down at the end, you will see something that has the number of posts and views, and a Reply button, and a Topic Tools ▼ pulldown-menu.

    If you pull down the Topic Tools ▼ menu, you will see some options. On the example I showed, it shows options of Delete Topic, Mark as Unsolved, or Make this a normal topic; in other posts, there will also be Mark as Solved. (The example post of mine I found happened to have already been marked as solved, so I couldn’t show that option. But for a post that isn’t marked as solved, “Mark as Solved” should be in the list as well. Sorry, I looked for an example where I could Mark as Solved, but haven’t found one yet.)

  • @PeterJones

    Good info. I think the “unsolved” box comes from the Topic Tools entry called “Ask as question”.

  • What to do when I can not see this item in the menu?

    I create the topic but don’t have this option.

  • @MaDill

    I think it makes sense if you are asking about how to mark your thread as “Solved” and the screenshot you link to is what you currently see.

    Because you didn’t initially “Ask as question” (which will get “Unsolved” tagged to your thread), there is no way to mark it as “Solved”. I believe (have never tried this) that if you now go ahead and change it to “Ask as question”, you will immediately be able to go back into it and “Mark as Solved”.

    I hope this is right and hope it helps.

  • Hello, @Madill,

    Don’t bother about it. As I’m one of the moderators, of the N++ Community, I was able, in your initial post, to click, first, on the Ask as question item. Then, I, immediately, clicked on the Mark as Solved item !

    Best Regards,


    P.S. : Have a look to my second post, as well :-)

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