Feature Request: Parallel Processing (Multithreading)

  • I frequently use Notepad++ to open and search multiple text files, each of which is over 70 MB or over 650,000 lines in size. When I click “Find All in All Open Documents”, it finds all the hits in a few seconds. Very good! However, when I double-click on one of the results to jump to it the file, I get a spinning blue wheel, often for a couple minutes, during which Task Manager shows that only one of my 8 cores is maxed out. If Notepad++ could use all 8 cores in parallel to perform this and other slow operations, then it would probably be much faster. By the way, the performance of this particular operation might be worse when I have selected YAML as the language, and chosen View…Fold All to collapse the hierarchy before jumping to the search result, which in my situation is extremely useful. Thanks.

  • @ScottHutchinson I have discovered a workaround, which demonstrates that there is a bug that could be fixed without the use of parallel processing. If, instead of double-clicking on one of the results to jump to it the file, you click on the tab for the file you want to navigate to, then press Ctrl+g and enter the line number of the search result you want to go to, it goes there instantly, whereas a double-click would take anywhere from 1-20 minutes or more. If I can manage it, I will try to debug the code for the double-click to determine why it is so slow.

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