difference between n++ and ultraedit

  • difference between ultraedit and n++ and is it worth the 100 bucks?

  • They are spelled differently. :-) And coded differently. And have very different pricing models.

    As for whether that other product is worth the money: do you really expect users of the wonderful, free editor we discuss on these forums to tell you that it’s worth it to spend a bunch of money to use a different piece of software?

    Personal anecdote: some years ago (somewhere in the 2005-2010 timeframe), many of my colleagues were jumping on the UE bandwagon (since our old standby, PFE, was getting rather stale), and convincing management to approve their individual licenses. I tried it and thought “it’s not a bad text editor, and its list of features are quite useful, but… there has to be a free alternative.” I searched and found Notepad++, which had all the features my colleagues were gushing over, either natively or thru a plugin, and I have never turned back.

  • A hundred bucks!! No, definitely not worth. Ultraedit WAS worth about 10-15 years ago, when it had the best features around, and they were selling it for something like 30 dollars per seat.

    A little more than a decade ago, I worked for a small company where Ultraedit was the editor of choice. The version at that time was 10 or 11. Then I moved to a another company, and ended in a group where Visual Studio was the only editor available. I did not find it as good as Ultraedit, so I started to look around for a replacement. I tried many alternatives, and to make the long story short, I needed two editors to replace Ultraedit: Notepad++ (because of code folding) and PSPad (integrated hexadecimal editor, better block comment-uncomment).

    These days I do most of the editing with Notepad++, but I still have PSPad installed, just in case.

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