7.4.0 download is missing, 7.4.2 "find" is broken?

  • To search for anything exact does not work correctly. If you say search for “ten” (lower case) and select case sensitive is still comes up with “tens” ?

  • @maggenti,
    “ten” matches “tens”, NPP should find it and it does. If you’re looking for just “ten” then you’d need to search for " ten " or use a regex word boundary so you exclude “tens”. In your example the case sensitivity doesn’t really come up. Can you explain a little more of what you’re trying to do?

  • My client wants the word Partner changed to Seller in a multi vendor extension for magneto 1.9 The problem is notepad++ finds all words Partners so I can not just find and change since there 332 Partner and Partners. If that is not enough their are also directories named Partner. This is proving to be a lot more work than I though, at least with this new version. In the old version it seemed to be a lot easier.

  • @maggenti

    Are you specifying “Partner” in the Find-what box and checking the “match whole words” checkbox?

  • @maggenti

    Yes, Match whole word, exact case, etc. I even selected wrap last time.

    looks like it is working for me


    What version did they change the save any open file as is without giving it a file name. I want to go back to that version.

    Do you think that this older version behaves different in terms of searching or are you missing
    the functionality to open npp with non-saved-files?
    If the latter is the case, check menu Settings->Preferences->Backup and see
    if Remember current session for next launch is checked.


  • I am beholding to you for the remember current session. As for the searching yes it probably is me. I have been sick and not feeling well. So if I offended anyone sorry. As for this job, I it will have to be someone else, it is more than I can handle at the moment. So thanks for the help.

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