Undo is undoing hundreds of changes & hours of work

  • Version 7.4.2
    CTRL-Z is undoing hundreds of changes. REDO does restore those changes (whew!) but this UNDO behavior is definitely different and very scary. Seeing hours of work disappear is un-nerving. What is strange is the the UNDO is always taking me back to the same version of my file, i.e. the same “point in time”. Is it possible to undo only the most recent change?

  • It is a Scintilla issue.
    See this thread.

  • @tp-thompsop Do you mean holding down CTRL-Z is undoing hundreds of changes? I happen to like the fact that I can press CTRL-Z hundreds of times to undo all changes back to the last filesave, and CTRL-Y to redo all changes!

    If it’s a Scintilla issue mentioned by @gstavi, it’s been that way for a long time, not just version 7.4.2.

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