Numbers in Bold

  • I’m not sure how I accomplished this in the first place. But I am trying to make all numbers no matter what appear in bold, no matter how presented. So I would like all the zeros to be bold or in a in a serial number 43x4b3aZ for example all numbers bold. I was messing around with the custom "Comment & Number " Style but having some difficulties would appreciate some advice / help. Thanks in advance.

  • I am able to get numbers to come in bold, but can’t seem to get the pre and suffix to match everything else, not sure of the syntax, I tried * hopefully I don’t have to list every character?

  • As strange as this sounds. I have found the original way I cam across this and if this is of any help to others that is great. If you zoom in to a certain point numbers will be bold automatically. I have tested this on several different machines using the “Simple Arabic Fixed” font in the global preferences and no other settings in Notepad ++ Regarding Language settings. Cheers.

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