Feature Request: Timestamped last change and undo?

  • Hello! Would be a nice feature to see time stamp of the last unsaved edition made or of the current state of history if some UNDO/REDO pressed. Does anybody agree with me? Maybe it’s already implemented in a plugin?

  • @Николай-Сергеевич

    could explain in more detail?
    Last saved edition means first change after saved state only, correct?
    What do you mean by current state of history if UNDO/REDO is pressed?


  • No, I didn’t mean that, Claudia. Not after the save on disk, I could always look at the file attributes for that.

    Editing code in an open tab during days sometimes you need to see the point of change what you have done yesterday. In the case I just clicks UNDO until reaches the version I need. Then I can copy some part which were updated later or copy whole text to compare with current version (after reaching it again with REDO). So while clicking UNDO or REDO I want to see a time mark of this very change.

    I understand now what it looks like almost a wiki-like version management system. :) But it doesn’t need to save intermediate changes at disk actually. There’s pretty sure could be timestamp property in state change objects of the UNDO/REDO stack. I just want those timestamps reveal in the interface. (It’s my guess, I didn’t see NPP code, don’t know how it actually organized.)

    Hope now I made it more clear. :^)