notepad++ destroy my files

  • I don’t know if this happened to someone else, but it happened to me, several times. All of sudden, NPP stopped working, crashed, and then I lost all the content in the file!!! This is a disaster to me because I do not have back up for new files and I lost everything in that file, one day’s work! This happened several times. Please help!
    I really love NPP and do not want to switch to alternatives. Please help me fix the issue if you have any clue. Hope it can be solved.

  • @Guanglong-Jiang

    please don’t be cross with me but I can’t understand how someone could work like this.
    If this is important data, it is a must have to set something up which guarantees more or less
    that the data is save. Save your data. Use backup software and/or activate windows “versioning”
    of files. Enable npps verbose backup functionality etc etc etc
    It is your data, your work, your time and your responsibility - think about it - a crash can happen
    always and everywhere and it might be not notepad++s fault.

    From the outside, it is really hard to find out what the issue is/was.
    So my advise, amongst the ones I already wrote, is to check if a crash dump file has been created.
    If it hasn’t, check if your system has been configured to create dumps. If dumps are available,
    use windbg to analyze it.

    Sorry for not being more helpful.


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