Plugin Manager removal / hosting

  • Cross-posting from the announcement thread for visibility:

    Following the announcement that Plugin Manager has been removed, here’s my suggestion for a solution (other than switching everything to the as-yet unreleased built-in plugin manager)

    The plugin lists and authorisation server need to be hosted somewhere. I’ve already got cloudflare setup taking the bulk of the bandwidth (this month was 127Gb transfer), so actually the traffic to the main server is pretty low.

    If someone / some company is willing to provide the hosting for free, without adverts, then this is what we need:

    Ideally a root server with a kernel that supports docker, but really just a server that can run a node.js server is fine. 2Gb RAM, 1CPU, roughly 1-2GB of transfer each month (due to cloudflare taking most of it). If it’s not with root access, there are some other requirements so that the interface with admin system works - I can provide details if anyone would like them.

    If you don’t have hosting available, but are able to pay for hosting without adverts, then we’d need something like a digital ocean $20/month setup.

    If we can’t find another solution and Don goes ahead with the reimplementation, when that is available I’ll deprecate the plugin manager and stop the hosting in order to ensure there aren’t competing solutions. The plugin list may stop being available sooner than that as the sponsors may withdraw their support.

    Thanks for your support for the last 8 years.


  • guess that explains my question.

  • @bruderstein
    Just signed up to fulfill the request. I can give you a virtual machine with the specified requirements. Toss me a PM if interested.


  • That’d be awesome! Now all we need is @donho to agree to keep it in - if there’s still going to be a built in one built, then it might not be worth the effort. Let’s see what he says.

    I’ll send you a PM.

    Thank you!

  • Oh, I don’t think there is a PM function here - shoot me a mail at davegb at pobox dot com :)

  • All I want to do is to run the hex editor part of notepad++. I’ve downloaded the Hex edotr installed it in the plugins folder and NADA nothing. Can anyone help please?


  • @Jan-Jedryka

    you can download the hex editor plugin here: Editor/Hex Editor Plugin v0.9.5/

    choose the unicode version:
    extract the containing HexEditor.dll of this zip and copy it to your np++ folder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins

    if you’ve already done so, but it doesn’t show up, it might be because you have a 64 bit version of notepad++ and the hex editor plugin is a 32 bit only plugin as it is fairly old.

    then you’d need to uninstall your current 64 bit notepad++,
    download and install the 32 bit version of notepad++

    ps: i can understand you very well as it can get very confusing around here.
    your phrase "all i want to do is … " combined with a good and short description made my day and get’s a user’s needs straight to the point

  • Thank you. My problem is with 64-bit

  • @Jan-Jedryka Where did you download the hexeditor from for x64? The one from PluginManager is under as a unofficial fork of the 32bit one.

  • @chcg

    cool, i completely missed out that you had the hexeditor plugin ported to x64.

    do you use it yourself enough to tweak it a bit ?
    if yes, would it be possible to implement a binary copy paste ?
    (like the npp built in edit > paste special > copy/paste binary content, or using the npp built in binary safe copy paste routines)

    because the normal hexedit plugin 0.9.5 behaviour, if you copy a hex string like:
    aa 00 bb 00 cc 00
    would be pasted the scintilla way as:
    aa 20 bb 20 cc 20
    replacing all nul characters with spaces

    greetings, metachuh

  • Created therefore, but I don’t expect to work on that in the next few months. If someone want to create a PR I would appreciate it.

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