Tab replaced by variable spaces

  • In Npp++ previous version, it was possible to replace the TAB character typed by a specified amount of spaces, typically 8, but could be reduced to 4 or even 2.
    When you are editing you code on another place, using spaces in place of TAB has the big advantage that your code displays nicely, even if your indent is 2 spaces in place of 8 spaces.
    Does anyone know why this useful feature has disappeared in Npp++7 ?
    I’m still using Npp++ version 6 to keep it.

  • @Frank-Anciaux

    Have a look at Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> Language (in box on left in Prefs dialog) -> Tab Settings (in box on right). Adjust the configuration settings there and try it out to see if it does what you wish. Otherwise I think you’re going to have to elaborate more on what you’re trying to achieve…

  • Many thanks Scott.
    I should have glue on my eyes :)
    It’s OK !

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