Search open file name

  • Hi, this might already exist in some way;

    What I’m looking for is an keyboard-centric “go to an open tab”:
    Basically, a keyboard shortcut to open the Document Switcher, but instead of scrolling, allow searching in the list.

    I think a similar tool can be found in most mainstream IDEs right now, but I’m only using N++ :)

    (The actual algorithm should be fuzzy, probably similar to the one GitHub is using in its file search)

  • @avivey

    I would suggest checking out the plugin called NavigateTo. It’s tagline is “navigate between files(tabs) quickly like a Ninja”, and who wouldn’t want to be like a Ninja? It is available via the Plugin Manager and it can also be found here.

  • Thanks Scott - that’s exactly like what I was looking for.

    Unfortunately, it appears to crash when I open new docs :(

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