Feature Request: List of Regex Rules to use in Search

  • I’m not sure if this is the place to request this but I would like to see a way to save regex find and replace strings so they can be selected from a list quickly in the find/replace dialog. I currently use the regex editor http://regexr.com/v1/ which allows me to save my expressions and load them quickly to use. The issue is I cannot load a file. I would love to see something like this implemented in N++. Thanks for looking at this and thanks for the great application!

  • Find what and Replace with both keep a history of previously used search and replace expressions respectively.

  • How many previous search and replace expressions will those list store and is it an editable value? I Currently have over 100 expressions stored for use on the regexr.com site and they are easily namable. I can live without the name if I can store that many but naming them would be nice.

  • See nbMaxFindHistoryFind and nbMaxFindHistoryReplace in config.xml for adjusting the length of the history lists (don’t use Notepad++ to edit the file).
    AFAIK naming them is not possible.

  • This will work and thank you for letting me know how to change the size of the lists, but it’s doesn’t link the find and replace commands together or allow for the naming of the two as a single rule. The ability to do these two things would make it so much more user friendly for those of use that have to constantly use the same Regex commands.

  • The ability to do these two things

    Yes, that would a be nice feature/configuration setting.
    Notepad++ supports Regex Search/Replace but that’s not its core business.
    Maybe there is a more suitable editor for your usecase e.g. EditPad Lite or EditPad Pro in conjunction with RegexBuddy (though not free/open source).

  • @Daniel-Vonderheide

    By no means ideal, but maybe you could keep your regexes in a file and then copy and paste them from there. Perhaps a macro could make this less painful to use.

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