Offset treats tabs as multiple tokens when calculating the offset/col?

  • I was using my favorite editor to help troubleshoot an issue in a file parser. I could not figure out why when I hit CTRL-G to to so the offset in the log it was taking me to the wrong place. The file is tab delimited, so I then realized when I was moving the cursor using the right arrow that when went past a tab the column counter jumped 3! I expected tabs to be considered a single token in the file.

    I realize there are probably other use cases where this behavior is useful, however when I go to a file offset I expect a tab to count as one “character”… Is there a way to alter this behavior?

  • @Derek-Altamirano

    Perhaps if you set the tab size to 1 for the file type in which you are using Ctrl-G to go to the offset? See Settings->Preferences->Tab Settings

    You can always set it back to its “proper” value once you have fixed the issue(s).

  • Useful suggestion, which is what I did. However this is annoying because I have to remember to go back and change the tab setting back when I am done. I think it might be useful for this to be a configurable setting… Either by file type or even better as a more general setting that could be toggled on or off.

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