Just another ordinary release - 7.5.1

  • @donho

    1. Fix the bug that Notepad++ create “%APPDATA%\local\notepad++” folder in local conf mode.

    This is still happening for me, an empty Notepad++ folder being created every time Notepadd++ is launched at “C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Notepad++”

  • @ImSpecial Please provide complete info:

    1. which package did you download
    2. the instruction step by step to reproduce it.

  • @donho
    Downloaded “Notepad++ Installer 64-bit” from your site.

    Run the installer like normal but I change my destination from “C:\Program Files\Notepad++” to “C:\Programs\Notepad++” , then I leave it as “Custom” which is everything but localization/auto-updater, and finally check “Don’t use %Appdata%” then hit install button.

    Folder gets created in "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Notepad++” which NP++ is launched, if I delete the fold it gets recreated when NP++ gets launched again. This has been happening since v7.5.0, never happened with 7.4.X and below for me. I’ve been using NP++ for years and have been upgrading my versions this way the same way all this time. So I’m not sure what I’m doing different this time.

  • @donho
    lost session bug not fix
    1.open some txt files
    2.modify one txt files but not salve
    3.restart computer(not close notepad++)
    4.wait computer startup,open notepad++ again,all last session is lost

  • @ImSpecial
    Step by step by following your instructions, cannot reproduce it at all.
    Please provide your debug info from menu “?->Debug Info…”

  • @zgz It does work for me (session opened with the modified change) after restart Windows 10 and relaunching Notepad++ v7.5.1

    Please provide your debug info from menu “?->Debug Info…”

  • Add auto-completion support for batch file (*.bat).

    Does this work also for *.cmd batch files?

  • @ImSpecial said:

    Fix the bug that Notepad++ create “%APPDATA%\local\notepad++” folder in local conf mode.
    This is still happening for me, an empty Notepad++ folder being created every time Notepadd++ is launched at “C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Notepad++”

    I confirm. It still happening for me too.

    Notepad++ v7.5.1 (64-bit)
    Build time : Aug 29 2017 - 02:38:44
    Path : C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : ON
    Local Conf mode : OFF
    OS : Windows 7 (64-bit)
    Plugins : mimeTools.dll NppConverter.dll

  • @dreamforceinc said:

    Path : C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe

    If the path is Path : C:\Program Files\ then you are not in local conf mode, then %appdata%\local\Notepad++\ will be create on notepad++'s launch (just like %appdata%\Notepad++\).
    So it’s a nomal behaviour.

  • What about me then, I’m installed in “C:\ Programs \Notepad++” and have doLocalConf.xml file in directory.

    Also what is even the point of this Local folder? There is nothing inside of it, the Roaming Notepad++ folder is where all the settings are kept for non-portable installs, Local is literally just empty creating garbage.

  • @ImSpecial
    could you please check if your c:\notepad++ folder has full write permissions for your current username or the group “users” ?

    if you need a template to know which security settings will work, just create a new empty folder on your desktop > right click on it > properties > security >>>
    compare these security settings with the security settings of your custom notepad++ folder

  • @ImSpecial
    I’ve replied you 2 days ago.
    Please check the message above.
    I cannot reproduce your problem, and without your debug information, I can do nothing about.

  • @donho
    I’ll try and get you those as soon as I can, meanwhile can you comment on what the purpose of the folder is for?

    There are two Notepad++ folders, the “new” empty one that came with version 7.5.0 located at;

    and the second one which is located at;

    where the settings are stored.

  • settings are stored in appData/Roaming/Notepad++/config.xml

  • @cmeriaux

    I know, that’s what I said, what about the Local\Notepad++ folder? Whats stored in there?

  • Unfortunately I still can’t load big logs to notepad++ 7.5 64bit.
    For example log file size is 8GB and everytime I try to load it using right mouse click and “Edit with Notepad++” option, everytime I get “File size problem” window with message “File is too big to be opened by notepad++”
    Any chance for fixing this in the incoming releases ?

    greets from Poland

  • Having an issue I have not had in previous releases. Loading 32 or 64bit of the 7.5.1 I have a non-English language for install. Google translate says it is “Afrikaans” or “Dutch” I don’t have this issue on other programs. my default language is English. I downloaded the English version. is it an installer problem ?

  • @ImSpecial “C:\Programs” is generally reserved for special installs AFIK and is usually NOT where you should install ANY software yourself. This could be the whole source of your problem. I highly recommend getting used to installing to “C:\Program Files” (for 64 bit software on a 64 bit version of Windows, or for 32 bit software on 32 bit Windows, for 32 bit software on Windows use “C:\Program Files (x86)”. If you want a specific non-protected install folder use a path other than “C:\Programs” (“C:\Programs” AND “C:\Program Files” both have special permissions. Under normal circumstances installing to “C:\Progam Files” should work fine, the only real drawback (that I know of) is that if you want to modify files in any of its subfolders you need to have Administrator privileges, using a folder other than “C:\Program Files” OR “C:\Programs” should remove that limitation, but as I said “C:\Programs” is not where you should install your software because that’s where Windows puts special files related to things like Windows Store Apps and such).

    1. Add a spiritual quote.

    Where would I find the spiritual quote in this update? :D

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