I'm sad ...

  • Hello “Npp-Friends”,
    a very long time notepad++ was my glorified editor,
    but he isn’t be anymore …
    Many years back, Npp was my choice for “bit clean” operations!
    But the current versions looks like destroyed in this context!
    I can’t solve the date of changes, because this feature wasn’t required long time, till now.
    At some HTML-Files, Npp (and the HEX-Editor plug-in too) don’t displayed me the first three “BOM” bytes, independent of NPP’s configurations.
    That’s awful, a glorious tool was died!
    Other features of newest NPP-Version (currently 7.5.1) are relative unimportant:

    • Unstable under Windows 10 (Home-64bit / - NPP 32 bit(?)), - sudden crashes;
    • Bad update of the “Recent File List”;

    What has become of him?

  • Olde versions are still available.
    Pick the one that makes you happy (or less sad).

  • Thanks!
    I understand, but what I ask myself is when goes the “IT-Punk” busting?
    In my mind, it’s a thing of graveness …
    I’m very concerned.

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