[Bugs] Syntax highlighting lost in new instance with user-defined languages (Notepad 7.x)

  • This bug didn’t exist with notepad 6.x. In notepad 7.x, if you click a file Tab - Move to New Instance, the syntax highlighting is lost immediately. It looks like that the notepad cannot identify the newly opened file type. This only happens to user-defined languages. I am not 100% sure if it is due to a bad user-defined language. So, I attached my syntax file [plaza.ufl.edu/sibojan/Files/NM.xml] . Hope that helps troubleshooting.

  • I see this in 7.5.1 with my user defined languages. In the bottom right status bar, instead of “User Define File - <name of language>” the new Notepad++ instance shows only “User Define File”. That is, the dash and name of the language are missing. The Language menu has a dot next to “User-Defined” instead of the user defined language. To invoke the user defined language, I only have to select the language name.

  • Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon. It is a long-standing problem.

  • It has been 9 months since this bug was posted. It is still not not fixed.

  • @Sibo-Jiang

    …9 months since this bug was posted…

    Well, if you mean posted in this thread then I’ll have to inform you that this is not an official bug reporting channel…see here which is also the way to report bugs officially.

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