[Feature Request] Favorites List

  • I see a few threads about pinning, but I think this idea is just different enough to make a new thread.
    My suggestion is for there to be a Favorites list as a sibling to Recent Files. I don’t really need them “pinned” and always open.
    I have a few files that I open A LOT, and whenever the fall off the recent file list, it’s really annoying. I hate having to browse to them to re-open them. I can’t really make the list longer, because what would that number be? 100? too long. I seem to use np++ to open a lot of stuff most days.
    I tried sessions, but that’s just as bad as re-browsing for the file I want, and not all the files really belong “together”, it’s just that I open them a lot.
    The File menu could have Favorites item, with a sub-menu that has add to & remove from at the top, and a list of favorites below that. If this were to be implemented, it might make sense to move the recent file list to a sub-menu also.
    The other thing this would solve for me is when you close np++ with files open, and if you re-open np++ when not all of those files are available (say work vs. home), np++ not only does not open the file that it can not longer find, but it also does NOT add it to the recent files list, and actually removes it from the recent files list if it was there previously. It could always live in the Favorites list.

  • Have you tried projects and workspaces? Menu View, Project, and then select one of the three project panels.

  • @robdjohansen

    The Explorer plugin by Jens Lorenz offers a Favorites feature. You can do:

    • folders
    • files
    • web links
    • sessions

    I don’t use the “sessions” part, but I can attest that the other favorites types work well, at least in v1.8.2 of the plugin.

  • That works! Thanks! Scanned through the list of plug-ins and didn’t realize that Explorer had that option.

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