paste in column mode possible?

  • Is paste in column mode possible?

    I found a way to write text (after marking the vertical line with alt+left mouse button),
    but how can I paste text previously copied in the clipboard there?

    thanks in advance

  • @patrickdrd


    (but obviously there is more to the story than that…can you explain further about what exactly you are doing and what you expect?)

  • I want to paste same text to all columns,
    I don’t think the default paste does just that, but the result is not as expected, for me at least

  • @patrickdrd

    More details than that would help even more. As far as I can tell, your described scenario is very doable. Here’s what I do:

    • select (in non-column mode) some text (best to NOT span multiple lines with the selection!)
    • copy to clipboard
    • get a thin column mode caret (you seem to already know how to do this) at the desired insertion point
    • paste

    All lines spanned by the thin caret now get the same text inserted.

  • ok, it’s working, I cannot remember what I was doing wrong,
    thanks for the answers

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