Searchin with wildcards

  • Hi.

    Well, I dont know if this could be possible , but I’d like to search and replace arguments with anothers using wildcards.

    For example, I’d like to find all the worlds between symbols [] and replace them with others or simply erase them.
    So if my text file have ocurrences like [one] , [two], [three], etc. I’d like to replace all these at the same time with [nothing] or simply search all the worlds that are between [] and erase them including the [] symbols.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance and apologize for my english.

  • Hi, @fernando-conti,

    Very easy with regular expressions, indeed !

    • Open your file, in Notepad++

    • Move back at the very beginning ( CTRL + Origin )

    • Open the Find / Replace dialog ( Ctrl + H )

    • Check the Regular expression search mode

    • Check, if necessary, the Match case option

    • In the Find what: zone, type the regex [.+?]

    • In the Replace with: zone, simply type the text that must replace all the [......] zones or leave it empty if you prefer to delete the [......] zones

    • Click on the Replace All button

    Et voilà,

    Notes :

    • As the symbols [ and ] have special meaning in regular expressions, they have to be escaped, both, to be considered as literal characters

    • The part .+? stands for the smallest range of characters, between the symbols [ and ]

    For instance, given the example text, below :

    This is a [123] test for searching [abc] all the [.......] zones !

    The regex :

    SEARCH [.+?]


    modifies the text as below :

    This is a  test for searching  all the  zones !

    If the regex was [.+], it would have select the largest zone between the symbols [ and ], that it to say, the string “[123] test for searching [abc] all the [.......]”, in our example. Certainly not what you’re looking for !

    Best Regards,


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