I have txt file with [CR CR\LF] how do I remove CR\LF but leave first CR?

  • This is a very large file (26515 lines) that has a blank line between every entry when loaded into a spreadsheet. I would like to remove the blank lines (redundant CR\LF) before loading into spreadsheet. I have tried find (without replacing) but however I enter the [\r\n] it always finds the single CR as well.

  • @Vic-Paine


    Find what zone: (\R)+
    Replace with zone: \1
    Search mode radio-button: Regular expression

    Translation: Match one or more adjacent line-endings…replace matches with simply a single line-ending.

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  • @Scott-Sumner
    Thanks, worked a treat. Also found that if I opened it in Libre Office Writer and saved as *.csv it cleared unwanted blank lines as well.

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