View refreshes after dismissing file changed dialog

  • I use NP++ a lot to view log files. These files are updated very often by the applications that use them, so they change several times when I am reading them.
    Each time I dismiss the notification that the file has been changed by another application, the view refreshes and I am left back at the top of the log file, which is extremely annoying. The files I am looking through can be 80,000 to 100,000 lines long, so trying to find what I was looking at before the refresh is a pain, let alone the sheer number of times I need to do this.
    I don’t mind the dialogue notifying me of the change, but can the view please be left where I currently am in the file instead of going back to the top, regardless of whether I reload the file or not?

    Thank you!

  • Does it help when “File status autodetection” is disabled in Settings/Preferences/MISC.?

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