"Smart HighLighting" and "Find Mark Style"

  • “Smart HighLighting” and “Find Mark Style” we don’t see many different HighLighting.
    Is that possible to improve it

  • @john-lee

    one way would be to mix the colors, meaning you choose two more more styles at the same time.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    I’m not convinced this is what the OP was asking about, but given that that was tough to figure out…let’s go with it…

    So I never considered overlaying styles to create more but that is an interesting idea. And you can put it in a macro so that it becomes a one-shot operation. Example:

    • put the caret on a word in your document
    • choose Macro menu -> Start Recording
    • choose Search menu -> Mark All -> Using 1st Style
    • choose Search menu -> Mark All -> Using 4th Style (at this point your word at the caret should be colored as @Claudia-Frank 's Style7)
    • choose Macro menu -> Stop Recording
    • choose Macro menu -> Save Currently Recorded Macro (and give it a name and/or shortcut keycombo…for later use)

    FWIW, the new Style7 looks like the color the Incremental Search feature uses when its Highlight all option is enabled (so if you use that feature maybe the new Style7 isn’t all that useful):


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  • @Scott-Sumner said:

    I’m not convinced this is what the OP was asking about

    Me too :-), but realized too late that OP is maybe asking something different,
    so deleting the post wasn’t an option anymore.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Sometimes a (possible/real) misunderstanding takes us into an interesting area of discussion…as it did this time! :-D

  • Hi, @scott-sumner and @claudia-frank,

    Ah ! What a clever idea, Claudia : to mix the native styles, and completed by the Scott automation method, with macros

    Certainly, some of the 25 combinations will give non interesting colours. But, what about mixing three styles ? May be, some of these mixed colours would be worth to use ?!

    BTW, I totally agree to your last post, Scott !



  • Hi @guy038,

    31 combinations in total, but not all can be used as the difference is marginal for some.
    Using the same style multiple times has no effect at all.


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