Give focus to Find window

  • In previous versions of Notepad++, when opening the Find or Find in Files window via the Search drop-down menu, the Find window would open and focus would change to it, so that when I started typing my search term, it would appear in the Find window as expected.

    In the current version, focus stays in the main edit window, leading me to start typing my search term only to realise I am writing onto the current document! This is extremely frustrating as I always have to undo to make sure I’ve not broken the code I am editing.

    Could this behaviour please be reverted?

    (Opening via CTRL+F works as expected).


  • @Alienmuppet

    I do not have the described behavior. Could you give it a try to

    • stop npp
    • rename plugin folder*
    • start npp and redo test.

    *depending on your installation either the one under installation directory or %APPDATA%\notepad++ is used.


  • I did that, still the same problem.

    However, I think I can see what causes the focus to change:

    If after clicking “Find”, I do NOT move my mouse pointer, focus does indeed switch and stay in the Find window. However, when I move my mouse down slightly causing it to momentarily hover over the tab, the miniature view of the text file pops up and focus switches back to the document.

    I must be in the habbit of moving the mouse down after opening the Find window, before typing…

    I’ve just confirmed this by clicking in the Find window to give it focus, and then hovering over a tab until the miniature view pops up: focus switches back to the document without clicking.

    If focus could stay where it is when hovering over the tab, that would fix it…

  • @Alienmuppet

    Well you could disable the Peek on tab feature in the MISC. section of Preferences.

  • Well, it’s not the real fix, but I’ve done that and I now do not get the problem. Thanks :-)

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