WeBack up save idea

  • I was sat here and I had an idea so I thought I would post it. Wouldn’t it be cool if notepad++ had an auto-pay up feature so that when you save a document it automatically renames your old file .bak or similar. The option would be a tick box on save or save as if you have already a document available. If the folder containing the file already had a .bak with the same name then it would go to _1.bak. but would check on each save if the .bak file was available and continues to overwrite the _1.bak or save as .bak with the older file. If you did this, it would be the first on the market to offer this on save and also save hours of work when working with code etc

  • @Craig-Chaplin

    You should experiment with the Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> Backup (box on left) -> Backup (groupbox) options…

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