Two question: function list and bypass windows 'looking for file' long wait?

  • I got two questions:

    1# The function feature of notepad++ shows function defined in my current open file. Is there anyway of also having it list the available functions of the current file open? For example I might have require(“functions/math.php”); statement, but those functions are not listed. I need to open up that file. Would I need to try to code a plugin to get this feature?

    2# I often connect to a VPN to do work. This means once I disconnect from the VPN and still have the file in notepad++ it will freeze notepad++ while windozs ‘waits’ a while for the file. Is there anyway to fix this by telling notepad++ to stop trying instead of waiting, or even not wait so long?

  • As for Q1: Function List shows the functions defined in the current file only. For any additional functionality you could try some of the other available plugins (e.g. TagLEET, TagsView, SourceCookifier) or write your own plugin.

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