Function List gives too much info

  • On some of the computers I have installed notepad++ on the function list only show the function name, not all the parameters for that function. Is there a way to have it like this on all my installs? In other words, instead of
    CalculateCRC( unsigned char *msg, unsigned int len) showing in the function list I only want it to show

    Thank you in advance for any help with this.

  • @William-Pigott

    the file in question is called functionList.xml.
    It is, depending on your installation either in the installation directory or under %APPDATA% …
    Copy it from the working PC to the other and it should be the same.


  • Thank you very much. I will give that a try.

  • I actually had to go back to version 7.2.2 to get the smaller function list.

  • @William-Pigott said:

    go back to version 7.2.2

    Well, hopefully you took @Claudia-Frank 's hint and simply pulled the functionList.xml file from 7.2.2, and dropped it into your more-recent-version’s folder structure…no need to fully downgrade to get this one bit of functionality changed…

    functionList.xml went from 14006 bytes in version 7.2.2 to 57945 bytes in version 7.5.1, so I’d guess there are some pretty significant changes in there.

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